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  1. Pralines & Truffles 15 pcs (No Sugar Added)

    Price: S$50.00
    If there are 30 days in a month, and I want to give myself a treat every other day, how many pralines & truffles do I need? A 15pc balanced assortment of Chocoelf fresh pralines & truffles will give you that special lift you deserve. Learn More
  2. Pralines & Truffles 9 pcs (No Sugar Added)

    Price: S$30.00
    What makes a truly good chocolate? Is it the taste? Smoothness? Or aroma? There is no real answer to that question because chocolate appreciation is a very personal thing. Appreciate the wonders of chocolate with our assortment of fresh pralines & truffles. Learn More
  3. Pralines & Truffles 2 pcs (No Sugar Added)

    Price: S$7.00
    Thowing a party? Looking for doorgifts? Or wondering what special gifts to bring for your gathering? Well, a quaint Chocoelf giftbox with 2pcs of our specially selected pralines & truffles may be exactly what you are looking for. We are more than happy to give you different types of unique chocolate combinations, so that no two boxes are exactly the same. Learn More
  4. Pralines & Truffles 6 pcs (No Sugar Added)

    Price: S$20.00
    How can one enjoy delicious chocolates without getting a sugary rush. Besides offering high quality dark chocolates with less sugar, Chocoelf also has a sugar-free range of pralines. Specially designed for those who want to reduce their calories. Also a diabetic-friendly indulgence. Learn More
  5. Pralines & Truffles 25 pcs (No Sugar Added)

    Price: S$80.00
    Pondering which praline is the nicest? Or which truffle is the best? With this exquisite selection of our fresh pralines & truffles, there is no need to ponder anymore. Roll the chocolate around your tongue as it melts. Just enjoy the moment. Learn More
  6. Mahjong Chocolate Box (15pc)

    Price: S$39.00
    In this Mahjong Chocolate Box, pralines are shaped in the resemblance of mahjong tiles. Made with creamy milk chocolate and covered with caramelly sweet white chocolate, it's a decadent treat for the festive celebration! Learn More
  7. Liquor Chocolate Box (15pc)

    Price: S$55.00
    Each chocolate dome is concocted from luscious dark chocolate, with a subtly sweet liquor centre that bursts into your mouth. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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